Secure Personnel and Asset Monitoring

The modern battlefield needs equipment that goes beyond fire power, survival training radios, and drones.

Sentry’s solution integrates advanced sensors, wearable devices, and smart equipment, providing commanders and soldiers with real-time, accurate, and comprehensive situational awareness. Monitor platoon movements, track vital resources, and instantly share critical information across the entire battlefield.

With AI technology we can accelerate data-driven decisions that reduce personnel risks and optimizes the effectivity of our assets to amplify results. Field detectors can be customized to optimize five key areas: Real-time Situational Awareness, Intelligent Asset Management, Predictive Maintenance, Cybersecure Communication and Tactical Decision Support.

Our platform leverages patented and proprietary network encryption and authentication protocols, establishes secure and reliable communication, integrates with existing systems, and provides real-time monitoring across land and sea. 

See our solutions for:

  • Personnel and Asset Tracking
  • Supply Chain Management

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