Risk Reduction Through Active Monitoring

  • Wildfire Detection
  • Real-time ATC
  • Vegetation Management
  • Physical Security
  • DER Integration
  • Our Mission

    Partner with utilities to synergistically deliver creative solutions to the design and operational challenges of wildfire, real time ATC, vegetation management, physical security, DER integration and more.

    Patented sensors with adaptive controls, enable proactive Detection, Alerting, and can even trigger Remediation actions for a variety of environmental conditions and risk scenarios, including eminent Lightning strikes that could lead to unplanned outages, or worse uncontrollable wildfire.

    Since our IoT sensors and AI logic can support multiple events, with built-in reliability and Cybersecure communication features, it is a one-to-many unique solution that scales, and integrates with existing systems, to monitor (real-time) any device, anywhere, for up to 10 years without a single charge.


    Learn about our patented VelaR Wildfire Monitoring System.

    Sentry Systems will partner with utilities to develop proprietary AI algorithms that turn ubiquitous data into valuable information that guides actions for best-in-class performance.

    Contact us to schedule a time to learn more about how we can customize a solution to meet your needs.