About sentry systems


Founded in 2018, Sentry Systems is a privately held company that uses proprietary data sensors and a patented industrial gateway to send real time data to a Network Operating Center to be analyzed by Artificial Intelligence and verified by human subject matter experts.

The sophisticated network of sensors, hardware, firmware and software work together around the clock to collect a massive amount of raw data, turning it into valuable information, and allowing asset owners to take action that improves the affordability, sustainability, safety, reliability, resiliency, compliance and overall value of deployed assets.

Noteworthy Prior Work


In cooperation with NASA/JPL, certain control systems were designed and manufactured for the Mars Lander program. The units performed properly and successfully upon arrival on Mars.

 Mars Rover

In cooperation with a fortune 500 scientific instrument provider, a unique and innovative portable colorimeter was exclusively developed to complement their existing laboratory product line.


As part of a fully automated parking metering system, pictured here is the wireless sensor component that was designed to determine vehicle presence. This system was implemented in all on-street public parking spaces in cities of San Francisco, USA and Tung Lu, China.

 The Puck

A fully integrated inclinometer was developed from ground up for a leading geo-technical manufacturer to replace their aging products.

executive team

Nick Toussi, Chairman/CEO

Nick is a hands-on executive with over 35 years of business, operational, R&D and sales/marketing leadership in the field of scientific instrumentation and industrial products. He is one of the founding members of the Nova Analytics and Nova Technology companies which were built on a roll-up acquisition strategy. He previously served as Division President of Nova Metrix and Nova Instruments which he helped build as new platforms within the Nova group of companies. He has extensive experience, both domestically and internationally, in roll-up acquisition, turn-around and growth of businesses with diverse array of technologies and served markets.

Nick is a co-founder of Sentry Systems. He holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Technology and Computer Science.

Chris Krstanovic, Executive VP/CTO

Chris Krstanovic, Executive VP/CTO

Chris has over 35 years of experience in product development ranging from scientific instrumentation, industrial and consumer products to aerospace and beyond. Over the years, many of the core technologies that he has developed have become the foundation for a new family of products well beyond their initial markets. His extensive experience in electronics, firmware and software design as well as application specific product development, is what led him to Sentry Systems.

Chris is a co-founder of Sentry Systems, Inc. Prior to Sentry Systems, Chris found Novalab, a technology development company and held a number of technical and leadership positions in companies such as Burr-Brown, American Optical, Orion Research and General Eastern.

Chris holds degrees in Physics and Electronics design, from University of Warwick, UK.

Lily Zu, VP/Business Development

Lily has over 20 years of experience in domestic and international business development for scientific instrumentation. She is a solution-oriented business director with in-depth technical knowledge. Her strong ability to articulate the business benefits of advanced and innovative technologies have helped a number of companies expand their global business presence.

As a hands-on engineer, she developed a cutting edge digital correlator technology, currently used in many particle characterization instruments. She is also the inventor of a patented technology for dynamic light scattering based particle characterization system, which today, is used in scientific laboratories worldwide.

She has previously served as an advisory member of both ISO and ASTM organizations for nanoparticle characterization.

Lily holds a degree in Electronic Engineering.

Abe Naguib, COO

Abe has over 25 years of experience and has held transformation leadership roles at a number of global fortune 100 firms in various sectors, including finance, insurance, government, and engineering design and development. Among his many accomplishments, was his involvement in early research stages of various local area and wireless protocol (Ethernet, Aironet), now considered de facto network connectivity standards. His servant leadership style empowers teams, fosters transparency, collaboration, risk management, vision integrity and momentum based on business values.

He has previously served on the Executive Advisory Board of HP & CA and is the recipient of a number of industry awards and recognitions including HPE “Hall of Fame Technologist” and AI/Bi-AAS Thought Leader.

Abe holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and an MBA from NYU Stern.

Lee Peterson, CSO

Lee is an experienced international business development and team-building executive with expertise in creating new markets and closing multi-million dollar business deals. He has over 25 years of experience in high technology companies and finance, including telecommunications, software integration and cleantech startups. He has built strong sales networks and has solid CIO and VP relationships and a very solid team of key influential advisors. Early in his career, Lee was promoted as one of the youngest managers for a Fortune 500 Finance company.

He has served on the board of directors of numerous startups in software and cleantech industries.

Lee holds a B.S. degree from San Diego State University.