Our Strengths

Sentry Systems, Inc. was built on many decades of experience in product development for the industrial, scientific, aerospace and consumer markets. Our expertise in electronics, mechanical, software, firmware and industrial design have spanned a multitude of markets and fields. We focus on innovative approaches to design as well as traditional exercise in design for functionality, simplicity, quality, cost, manufacturability and serviceability. We pride ourselves in our ability to create not just a component for a single application, but fundamental technologies that can be utilized in a variety of fields and markets. A few of our prior work have been highlighted below.

Our expertise and core competencies

  • Electronics design
  • Software/ firmware design
  • Mechanical design
  • Sensor design - from chemical to physical sensors
  • Telemetry, including custom antenna design
  • Data acquisition and processing
  • IoT devices
  • Turnkey system development


 VELAR System  

Based on decades of experience and expertise in sensor, hardware, firmware and networking design and many years of relentless work, Sentry Systems created a patented, sensor based wildfire detection, early warning and monitoring system that operates on a smart, compact and self-healing network protocol.
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In cooperation with NASA/JPL, certain control systems were designed and manufactured for the Mars Lander program. The units performed properly and successfully upon arrival on Mars.

 Mars Rover

In cooperation with a fortune 500 scientific instrument provider, a unique and innovative portable colorimeter was exclusively developed to complement their existing laboratory product line.


As part of a fully automated parking metering system, pictured here is the wireless sensor component that was designed to determine vehicle presence. This system was implemented in all on-street public parking spaces in cities of San Francisco, USA and Tung Lu, China.  

 The Puck

A fully integrated inclinometer was developed from ground up for a leading geo-technical manufacturer to replace their aging products.